March 2018 Outlook

“To find out how a current month’s planetary activity affects you personally, I look forward to hearing from you.”

As Spring arrives, a young man’s fancy turns to thought of love, baseball or the NBA playoffs.  But, an Astrologer’s fancy turns to thoughts of expanding out into the world as the world returns to life – at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

March is the month of the Spring Equinox, the event that marks the starting point of the Zodiac and the Astrological calendar.  This year, we’ll be experiencing Mercury being ‘retrograde’ during this time that is traditionally associated with new growth. Mercury goes retrograde for the first of three times this year as it makes a station at 16°Aries and retrogrades until April 15th when it begins to move forward at 4°Aries. Therefore, our best bet will be to build on what we’ve started instead of starting anything new.  Progress will be possible, but we’ll need to be patient and review our work. Mercury Retrograde in Aries can leave us prone to scattered thoughts and careless action. Quiet time for meditation and introspection can help us calm racing thoughts and get our priorities in order.
March is the second month of 2018 that begins and ends with a Full Moon, which will help us see what we’ve achieved and what remains to be done!  Two Full Moons make this a special one.  When this rather rare phenomenon occurs the second Full Moon is called a ‘Blue Moon’.  On a global scale, this will help to reveal hidden information and clarify confusing situations. This can be a powerful time for negotiations and fair resolutions. An ongoing favorable connection (a sextile) between Jupiter and Pluto will continue to encourage business development and economic growth. However, with Jupiter stationing retrograde on the 8th, don’t expect rapid expansion. Instead companies should focus on slow, steady and thoughtful decisions the align their policies with their values.
REMEMBER:  Slow and steady like the turtle!  The Turtle is the one who won the race!!
The Full Moon on the 1st lights up 11°23’ Virgo at 7:52pm and opposes Neptune. Work, health and obligations are emphasized. Now is the time to review your recent actions. The Full Moon on the 31st will be at 10°45’ Libra at 7:38am, the sign of partnership. Because people will be feeling a desire to keep the peace, a certain amount of emotional restraint will be present. If we perceive any injustice, however, a angry response will definitely be a possibility.
 This month Jupiter also turns retrograde-on the 8th-and stays retrograde until July 10th. As it move retrograde in Scorpio we are encouraged to look closer to the deeper side of who we are as we get in touch with the energies ‘down there’.  We discover a need for more confidence than usual.  As a result, we become more enlightened during this time!
The Uranus-Pluto square (May 2010-May 2018) is now in its final months.  For nearly eight years, we’ve witnessed the effect of this occasionally volatile Astrology in the form of worldwide conflicts related to human rights and personal freedom. The Uranus/Pluto square has been a doozie  Google:  Uranus Square Pluto to find out more!