June 5, 2020                        15° Sagittarius 00‘                            3:12 pm

Lunar Eclipses are high-energy Full Moons and they signal a time of dramatic culmination and fulfillment. Every month the Moon travels in her orbit completely around the Earth. The Moon swings through the Earth’s shadow approximately every six months. This is a Lunar Eclipse.  A Lunar Eclipse occurs only when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned with the Earth in the middle, when the Moon is on the far side of the Earth from the Sun and when the light of the Sun is blocked to the Moon by the Earth. Unlike a Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse can be observed from nearly an entire hemisphere.  Unlike Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses are completely safe to watch. Protective filters are not necessary and neither is a telescope.  A Lunar Eclipse can be observed with nothing more than the naked eye.  A pair of binoculars will magnify the view making the red coloration bright and easier to see.
Life tends to speed up near eclipses and awareness increase. One quality that distinguishes eclipse influence from that of general planetary activity is the sharp way in which it begins and the equally abrupt manner in which the period of intensification ends.  Where an eclipse falls in your chart will determine the part of your life affected. Since this Eclipse is in Aquarius, find out where Aquarius is in your chart and you will know where to expect change and transformation.  And, remember – ALL change and transformation is good!
This Lunar Eclipse occurs on Friday  June 5, 2020.  It is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse that will be not be visible from N. America. The timing favors Europe, E. Africa, Asia and W. Australia.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur as the Moon passes in front of the constellation of Sagittarius at 15°34’.  At exactly at 3:12pm the Earth will be situated opposite the Moon as it moves through the constellation of Gemini at 15°34’ blocking the light of the Sun to the Moon as all three – the Sun, Moon and Earth fall in direct alignment.
Earthlings tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon!

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse emphasizes this emotional reaction. When you embrace the energy of an eclipse-allow it to mold and shape your life (which an Eclipse will do!!)- the effects are usually very positive!!  (I got married on an eclipse!). When you resist an Eclipse and the changes it brings, havoc over your life can occur.  Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connectedness are aroused as the environment becomes a little unstable. This unstable environ- ment occurs because there is a change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us mentally and neurologically.  There will be some stress as blockages begin to crumble. But they are followed by a feeling of freedom.  The good news is that creative and artistic qualities will be discovered as you let go of beliefs that don’t correspond with your current reality!!  Outdated ideals or dreams may need to be discarded which can be painful but necessary!! You experience an awakening to today’s truths as the clutter is cleared away and the present is seen in a new light! You redefine your personalty and your image. A new hairdo and new clothes may result!!  Once you get past this Eclipse, new vistas of life open up as projects involving personal transformation unfold.

Read on to see how this eclipse will affect you personally!!

ARIES: Shakeups in school and educational plans abound. If you are involved in legal action it takes a dramatic turn. Repairs are needed in the home and passions at home can run high. A detox of the body is needed as a need to redefine yourself and your personality begin.

TAURUS: Important financial changes for your spouse or partner are in order. Your dream life is active as psychological-type encounters open your mind to new ideas. The cosmos is urging you to confront death and get a better understanding of it. Surgery may be needed.

GEMINI: Love is being tested. Repressed grievances surface for resolution.  If handled properly, you and your partner are basically sound. You survive as a couple and all gets better. But, if there are flaws, there is danger of splitting. However, don’t make decisions now. Clarity!

CANCER: Job changes are in the pic either with another company or within the one you are with now. Expect changes in your health regime, too! Since this Eclipse impacts Mars and Venus, it indicates dramas in the lives of parents, siblings, career and repairs in the home.

LEO: Children are on your mind now – let the ones around you spend some quiet time now as psychological issues come up for chat. A parent is forced to make dramatic change over the next few months. Personal beliefs/philosophies are tested and deep conversations occur.

VIRGO: Eclipse is in 4th house of home, so repairs in the home as anything being used in your home for normal living is tested. Hi-tech gadgets are particularly vulnerable. Lots of activity in your home this month as passions run high with family or friends visiting your home.

LIBRA: Education is on your mind as you prepare for career changes since career may be in a state of flux. Those around you-siblings, bosses, coworkers and other folks close to you are being forced to redefine who they are and you find yourself giving advice to help.

SCORPIO: Important financial changes have to be made as your financial thinking and planning haven’t been realistic and corrections are necessary. Love is being tested and spiritual awakenings occur bringing changes in spiritual teachers, beliefs and practices. Get the facts!!

SAGITTARIUS: This Eclipse affects you very strongly! You are forced, over the next several months, to re-define yourself-your beliefs, personality, self-concept, image. There are a lot of retrograde planets now, too. You need more research and thought before changes  are made. Your spouse, partner also have to make financial changes so same advice applies-give it all more study and time.

CAPRICORN: FYI: every Lunar Eclipse impacts your relationships so all relationships and friendships get tested over the next six months. Long repressed emotions and dirty laundry surface for resolution. Personal dramas in the lives of loved ones require your attention.

AQUARIUS: Friendships are tested as there are personal dramas going on in the lives of your friends. Job changes and disruptions at work occur but there are also excellent aspects for work for you. Repairs might be needed in the home, also crises in home with family members.

PISCES: This Eclipse affects you strongly so slo things down a bit. Bit signal for career  and financial changes. Cars and communication equipment behave erratically s repairs may be needed. Also, a good idea to drive more carefully over next few months. Neptune in Pisces!!