July 2019 OUTLOOK

July has TWO New Moons!!  The First New Moon is on the 2nd and is a Solar Eclipse!!  The Second New Moon is on the 31st!! (And, whenever you have two New Moons in one month the 2nd New Moon is called a BlueMoon)  July’s 1st New Moon will be at 10°Cancer 38’ on the 2nd at 3:16pm and is a Solar Eclipse, which makes it an ideal time to set intentions related to love and self-reflection on how we are perceived by others. This Solar Eclipsesets the stage for new beginnings related to home, family, motherhood, creative pursuits and self-care!
     The Full Moon is on the 16th at 24° Capricorn 04’ at 5:38pm and is aLunar Eclipse!. This Full Moon offers a time to receive the information that is necessary to assess our current reality and offers much needed clarity regarding ideas and actions that were brewing at the beginning of the year! Don’t be surprised if energy intensifies and stirs up drama! Don’t let friendships interfere with your time to relax!!  Current love interests get tested as old, repressed grievances come up for cleansing.  All beliefs change! Flaws in existing laws and ways of doing things are highlighted.
     So, as you can see,  July is starting out to be a very active month and the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th is under the influence of Mercury Retrograde – which happens on the 7th. Moreover, powerful aspects between the outer planets set the stage for significant transformation. It will be important to keep reminding yourself that you need to stay grounded in reality. There is more confusion and intense energy in the air than usual. Stick to daily routines and take extra time to process information. You’ll likely be feeling distracted by issues emerging from your subconscious, which can make errors or accidents more likely.  Slow and steady will be the ideal pace!  (Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare!!  Slow and steady like the turtle. The turtle is the one who won the race!!)
     As we mentioned earlier, Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th – joining four other planets moving retrograde.  Mercury will be retrograde until July 31st!  July won’t be good to initiate new action, despite a very powerful Solar Eclipsethat may have you longing to do just that.  You’ll need to resist the urge to act quickly. Mercury is also retrograde in Cancer, lending a nostalgic feel,  It will be an excellent time to reconnect with family members or return to a place that reminds you of ‘home’.