June 2020 OUTLOOK

OK! It is now decision time!! It is time to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it! For several planetary reasons: The Lunar Eclipse on June 5th in Sagittarius – opposite your Gemini Sun – and Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn in your Solar 8th house, you are being given a gift of time (six months) to decide and experiment about what you want to do with your life! KOOL! Those three planets and the Lunar Eclipse are the key to success in your life! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The really big news is there is also a Solar Eclipse this month. So Because of these two Eclipses – one in Sagittarius and the Solar on the 21st in Cancer – your life is getting stirred up. For about ten days before (really two for sure) and one day after an eclipse occurs, the conditions of your life will be unstable. So, don’t make any big decisions on those days! The best way to deal with this ‘shadow’ period is to wait it out. The Solar Eclipse is all about emotions because it is at 0° Cancer. Cancer is a water sign and water signs rule emotions. Emotions are erratic. Conditions can change suddenly. And guess what? Li’l ole’ Mercury turns retrograde on June 18 joining Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in moving retrograde! If we put this all together, all planets except Mars and Uranus are either in retrograde motion or about to make a retrograde station. These Astro- nomical developments mean concentrated energy and often manifest in a feeling of being stuck or you are being directed to pay more attention to a specific area of your life. Ahh!! Now Neptune – Neptune is in Pisces and has been in Pisces for many years. Neptune is at 21° of Pisces and will remain there for several months. This transiting Neptune brings uncertainty. To find your way through you must develop a structure either in the events of your life or your way of understanding those events. Or with all the other activity this month, you may experience great depth of feeling, You will have some dreams that you will remember and they will have deep meaning to you! Powerful! Yes!!
Enjoy!! As a whole new world begins to open up for you!!


June’s Full Moon occurs on the 5th at 2:11am at 15°34’. This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse. The New Moon shines in Taurus on June 21 at 0°21’ at 1:40am and is a Solar Eclipse. The first eight hours after this New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing. This is an excellent time for quiet, private activities.


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