August 2020 OUTLOOK

Given the helpful placement of the outer planets, this is a banner month for change! No, you will not have winning lottery tickets pouring out of the sky, but withJupiter and Saturn helping, you will have opportunity for commitment as you overcome doubts about making a big change in your life. Now is the time!!  Neptune in Pisces is in the background though you do need to keep an eye on it as it may tempt you to ignore details. Plutois still lurking in the background as well but just know that you need to make a plan and stick to it.  You can win at anything you try, just know that you need to take the first step!!
         You will probably feel a drive to achieve and excel now that Mars has settled into its’ home sign of Aries for an unusually long stay.  It moved into Aries on June 27 and will stay there until January 6, 2021.  Mars represents energy, drive and courage, so as this planet moves through your chart it prods you to take the initiative, attack problems and turn desires into action. You will feel a great deal of activity in the part of your chart that Aries rules.  You may also occasionally feel a little edgy or nervous, but not so intensely that you should worry about it.  
     Despite this, and although five planets actually spend time moving retrograde in August (No! Mercury is not the only planet that moves retrograde), you can still accomplish many things this month. Think of any free time as a chance to review your goals, priorities and recent moves. Don’t miss out on these golden opportunities for change!
         August’s Full Moon occurs on the 3rd at 10:57am at 11°45’. This Full Moon is Full in Aquarius.  Trust your instincts and intuition!! And, focus on work that needs to be done! The New Moon shines in Leo on August 18th at 26°35’ at 9:40pm. The first eight hours after this New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing and the perfect time to adapt to a whole new perspective, a new way to viewing the world and the people we love and work with. This is an excellent time for quiet, private activities.  This is also a time when people seeking power will come out into the open. Quietly observe!  The combination of Venus/Uranus have us in a creative mood! Use this energy productivel


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