May 2019 OUTLOOK

On the surface, we appear to be making progress now that all the inner planets are direct all month. However, the entire Solar System is caught in a counterclockwise whirlpool with Jupiter,
Saturn and Pluto doing the Retrograde Backstep, sweeping reality into a  deeper set of rhythms. The planetary heavyweights play an irresistible  game as we bounce around on the surface, thinking that we’re getting closer to our goals. Although we do experience definite forward movement  as Mercury enters determined Taurus on May 6, followed by Venus on May  15, each planet encounters the erratic energy of Uranus on May 8 and May 18, respectively.
We might believe that circumstances are improving as  the Saturn-Plutoconjunction separates, but we are merely postponing the inevitable, unless we take a long hard look at the future.  The Taurus New Moon on May 4th comes on the tailwinds of an optimistic Mercury-Jupiter trine. We can take advantage of this opportunity to  plant seeds for only the most realistic ideas. If we stretch too far,  our work will be for naught. Mars shifts into passive-resistive Cancer  on May 15, giving us permission to ease up on the accelerator. But the Scorpio Full Moon on May 18 opposes interactive Mercury. Communication  is necessary to make the most of what we have already gained.
The Sun and Mercury shift into Gemini on May 21, loosening the grip of the  status quo. Change is in the air, even if it seems as if we are just  dancing in circles. Behind its endless repetitive circles, the magic of  counterpoint is that it really has a direction. As is often the case,  patience and persistence work wonders in the long run.