July 2018 Outlook

Two Eclipses occur this month. And, the month begins with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto also going retrograde.  Jupiter turns direct on the 10th – but then we have Mercury turning Retrograde on the 25th! What this all means is that we will all have to reconcile with the past in some way or another!! That will be evident in our political lives as well as our spiritual, economic and personal lives.  The chickens have come home to roost, as they say!!
Bottom line: Avoid making big commitments or decisions.  Despite a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 12th, timing won’t be right for new beginnings. It is time for new insights – but not a time to take action on those insights. As this eclipse is surrounded by retrograde energies, it will be important to consider what we need to complete before beginning a new chapter.  It highlights issues associated with home, family and your personal life. And!  This trend can last as long as one year! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 27th in Aquarius emphasizes goals, wishes and social issues. Keep in mind that eclipses initiate six-month cycles, so new ideas that come to you now will have time to unfold.  It could take a few months to crystalize your vision. The best path to success will involve finishing what you’ve already started as Pluto energy always demands that you create a void in order to make room for new!
\Ahhhh!!  Mercury!! Our dear little buddy is turning retrograde this month!  And, let’s refresh as to what really happens when planets ‘go retrograde’! Technically, retrograde motion is the apparent backward movement of a planet as it circles the Sun, the center of our solar system. Since the Earth is also moving, and all the planets travel at different speeds, the planets regularly appear to slow down, station (stop), and reverse direction, relative to the Earth. There are miscommunications of all sorts when Mercury goes retrograde, reminding us to slow down! With Mercury being the Winged Messenger, there is a deep purpose to the Rx cycle of Mercury: mainly to slow down and get back in gear!!  🙂
July’s New Moon will be in 20° Cancer 41’ on the 12th at 10:48pm. (A Solar Eclipse) The Full Moon is on the 27th at 4° Aquarius 45’ (A Lunar Eclipse).  Google:  Solar Eclipse Cancer  to read more about this powerful Solar Eclipse.  And, Google:  Lunar Eclipse Aquarius to learn more about the Lunar Eclipse.  Remember!!  Eclipses are very powerful ‘course correctors’ so read how these eclipses will affect you!!

June 2018 Outlook

This is a month of independent action. You will long for your freedom in many areas of your life – but, especially where you find the constellation of Aquarius in your individual chart!  And you will also be willing to fight for the freedom you desire. Fortunately, we will also experience two harmonies trines this month that will help to balance this energy and keep us on track. This will create a unifying effect for people who share the same ideals and plans, regardless of their cultural background. So, we will see a lot of folks coming together to ease the stress involved with differences and we will all be learning to get along spite of our differences.  Last month’s trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces was exact, enhancing our ability to heal and understand the psychological transformation we are all experiencing.  The spiritual evolution of humanity is beginning and we are all raising our awareness to life more aware and in-tune!  And, thus a more peaceful life.
All of this transformation reminds me of a quote I just saw today:  “I lost myself while trying to please everyone. Now I am losing everyone while I find myself!!”  How perfect is this for all of us!!
Aquarian energy is known to be rebellious. With action-oriented Mars expressing itself through Aquarius, we could see a resurgence of protests in the area of human rights.  Mars will be going retrograde as of the 26th for it’s one in approximately every two year ten-week retrograde cycle. Retrograde cycles seek to resolve the past, and this month will remind us that controversial issues of the past few years aren’t going away any time soon! Social justice will be front and center, and political figures that have ignored their constituents will feel then backlash at this time.
June’s New Moon will be in 22°Gemini 44’ on the 13th at 3:43pm which makes it an ideal time to set intentions related to communication and self-reflection on how we are perceived by others. The Full Moon is on the 28th at 6° Capricorn 28’.  Don’t let work interfere with your time to relax!!

May 2018 Outlook

The BIG news this month is the arrival of Uranus in Taurus!! On May 15, the Awakener and the planet of revolution, as Uranus is often called, begins a seven-year stay in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus. Take your time to digest all the new thoughts coming to you and make adjustments accordingly! You will feel a big energetic shift as the long-standing Uranus-Pluto square (that’s been in effect for several years) concludes and Uranus moves from Aries to Taurus!  With three of the outer planets in Earth signs – Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn – the planets will providing a powerful cosmic reality check!!
Taurus is most commonly associated with money, stability and values. Over the next 8 years, we could see radical transformation in worldwide currencies, banking systems and the operations of international business.  Uranus rules technology, so we can count on the internet and innovations in online self-employment to play catalyzing roles.
A trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, however, will remind us that not all of our power is grounded in the tangible world.  This spiritual water trine will be exact on the 25th helping us to connect to our Higher Power and transform emotionally!!  It is time to face the feeling we have been hiding from others and ourselves!!
Mercury leaves the world wide open for new beginnings.  Take advantage of the opportunity to take some steps forward. Mars is also at play here as Mars prepares to go retrograde in June. (Mars goes retrograde every two years – and for ten weeks)  And, remember that some signs are more sensitive to Mars than others. Anyone born as an Aries-or with Aries rising-as well as Scorpios or those with Scorpio Rising may feel this Mars retrograde energy more acutely than others this month!!
May’s New Moon will be in Taurus on the 15th at 6:48am, which makes it an ideal time to set intentions related to money, long-term debility, loving relationships and self-worth!  The first 8 hours after a New Moon are the most powerful for wishing. The Full Moon is on May 29 at 8°10’ Sagittarius at 9:19am.  Don’t let a minor disagreement turn into a feud.