March 2019 OUTLOOK

March is marked by two major energetic shifts. The first is Uranus moving into Taurus on March 6th – and Uranus is now staying there for at least the next 7 years. This shift into Taurus will affect all of us, but more-so for all Taurus folks.  All of us will feel a shake-up with our relationship to money!!  Last year we experienced a ‘sneak preview’ when on May 15th Uranus moved into Taurus before it retrograded back into Aries. Now it moves direct into Taurus. Between now and April 2026 we will feel Uranus guiding us in new ways. In fact, this month all outer planets will be moving direct. Keep in mind, that Uranus has a revolutionary energy and pushes people to stand up for their individual rights.  There is a big emphasis on personal freedom and physical fitness as people are motivated to strengthen their bodies in order to feel more empowered.  Now that Uranus will be in Taurus, and Uranus is known to shake things up,  we will also experience a ‘renaissance era’ that marks the beginning of new structures, artistic pursuits, and monetary patterns. Artists and musicians will be making powerful statements with their work!
     Mercury moves retrograde on March 5th-and stays retrograde until March 28th!  We’ll need to slow down and finish what we started. March will be a powerful month to meditate and do some visioning for the coming year!  Check your schedules, get your cars checked, check the air pressure on your bike tires and should you witness anxiety and frazzled nerves in full display with folks around you, know they are trying to keep their schedules and meet their deadlines. They may lose things and blame others for all that is not going right.  Sit back and develop empathy for all and willingly admit that things will not happen on time this month!
     Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st. This transit is good for social activities. Venus spends most of the month in Aquarius and as she is moving through our sky she makes challenging aspects to Uranus. We will find ourselves speaking to questions about a New Age lifestyle.  Most of us will be questioning our own beliefs and seeking new answers to old questions.  This will be an exciting time for all as interesting conversations are ahead!!  This Venus energy also brings opportunities for relationships-and interesting ones, at that. People you never thought you would be attracted to or find interesting will suddenly have a new appeal! Since Uranus symbolizes an inner need for freedom, you begin to see a connection between relationship and freedom.  This means lessons on how to enter relationships freely and openly in a way that stimulates our insight and our social life. This aspect can just mean relationships to groups-groups you would never think of joining in days past. This transit can bring lessons about the need to temper our ideas with our need for human connection!!