September 2018 Outlook

Happy Birthday Virgo and Libra Natives!!
     Modernize is the word of day  – or shall I say month!! In other words, what is old is done!!  We are stepping into a new age where our new thinking will meet with success!!  September is a good month to take new practical steps toward manifesting our new goals, particularly those related to business or work. Saturn stations direct on the 6th and creates a very powerful trine with Uranus, ensuring progress made will be based on innovative (new) ideas.  Those who can modernize traditional thinking and methods will meet with success!!
     Your plan of activity should be “First you work, then you play!” Now that the eclipses of the past two months are behind us, it is time to let the dust settle and focus on what is coming ahead!!  If progress has felt slow or blocked, the emphasis was on working systems from the inside out. This month, it will be time to start building a solid base for new, now that you have cleared out old ideas and methods. Kudos to you!! You have cleared out the old to make room for the new!!
     Planets in Aquarius have an unpredictable quality which means anything can happen. On Sept. 10 Mars moves into Aquarius which is associated with freedom, originality, and independence.  You can make progress by being inventive and open-minded, doing new things, and using the latest methods or technologies.
    If, by chance, things fail to go in your favor, be patient. Don’t do anything rash. The Full Moon on Sept 24 arrives just as Saturn forms an alignment with the Sun and Mercury. It will be up to you to maintain a positive attitude and have calm conversations with those around you!!
     September’s New Moon will be in 17° Virgo 0’ on the 9th at 2:01pm!!  This months’ Full Moon is on the 24th at 1° Aries 59’ at 10:52pm. As with all New and Full Moons – these are times of endings and new beginnings.  This months New Moonindicates we should resolve issues that affect work or health.  The Full Moon on the 24th reminds us to be sensitive to the feelings of people around you while we begin a new phase of our life!! Enjoy whatever comes at you this month!!  It will be fun!!