January 2021 OUTLOOK

Welcome to 2021!!   The year gets off to a great start with Jupiter and Saturn loosely conjunct in Aquarius. This rare alignment happens approximately every 20 years and brings generational  and regime changes.  You  can make good decisions, especially about matters that are represented by Aquarius in your chart.  You will get even more support from Mercury (communication) from January 8 to March 15 when Mercury is also in Aquarius.  There are many words that describe the energy of this month.  Here are a few: Intelligent, articulate, disciplined, reliable, versatile, expansive, outspoken, quirky!! Yes, it’s a month full of activity and surprises!!  Venus starts in Sagittarius, moving happily through Capricorn and on February 1 enters Aquarius.  Note the emphasis on Aquarius: the Sun (Earth) enters Aquarius also on January 19th.  All of this Aquarian energy causes us to ponder the future.
Jupiter, which has a lot to do with social participation, expansion and vision, and Saturn, which has to do with the forms within which we participate in, we can see the future developing out of past structures.  Jupiter then forms a square aspect to Uranus (change) on January 17th, so look for your social expression to expand in unexpected ways.
Mars spends the first few days of January in Aries, where he feels at home. And, on January 6th, Mars moves into Taurus, joins Uranus and stays in Taurus until early March. This will really ‘stir the pot’ for you and gets your attention on several of your needs.  Mercury turns retrograde on January 30th (in Aquarius), and continues in that direction for the following three weeks. Be sure to finalize all arrangements before January 30th.
Now that the holidays are over, you will be excited and energized to create a plan of action you can follow. Mercury and Venus are in Capricorn and getting you to review activities you have put on the back burner last. Consider moving them to the top of your ‘to do’ list this year!!  Make time for a romantic dinner or a weekend get away!!
The Full M00n is on the 28th at 9° Leo 05’ at 2:15pm.  Enjoy yourself but avoid risky activities. The New Moon is on January 12th at 11:59pm at 23° Capricorn 13’ and will help you plan you next career or business move.


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