August 2019 OUTLOOK

A pair of Eclipses took place in July!!  Solar Eclipses can begin to have an effect up to three months or more in advance and their effect can linger as long as a year afterward.  As the dust will begin to settle from these July Eclipses there will be a general need for a breather, and people will likely be seeking an escape from the barage of activity and information presented in July.  Constructive progress will be possible. But, for the first part of the month, it may seem that problems are going unaddressed. Although there could be global appearances of inaction, there will be efforts going on behind the scenes.  This is a powerful month for creativity and we could receive important messages from everyone around us.
 Mercury stationed direct on July 31, but we’ll be in the shadow phase of this planet until the 15th.  Proceed with caution and try to postpone final agreements until the 2nd half of August!  Jupiter stations direct on the 11th ending na cycle that began on April 10th. Jupiter retrograde allowed us to look within for the opportunities we desire.  Now it can help us begin to manifest ideas that have been developing internally over the past few months.  Uranus will station retrograde on the 11th which will provide a slowing energy to new agreements. This can offer us a much needed ‘brake pedal’ on plans that fell out of control, especially when lit comes to finances (Uranus is in Taurus).
August will be a good month to bring people together for a common cause and create innovative solutions.  Now that Jupiter is direct, we’ll be able to enjoy a little help from others and feel our connections with others are paying off.  However, we’ll need to take charge of our personal success and avoid looking for someone to make our dreams magically come true.  There is a square (90°angle) between Jupiter and Neptune that continues this month which will make it difficult to draw firm lines with others and know when to say when.
 Every month, on the day of the new Moon, the energy of the atmosphere opens up to receive new seeds  For centuries, farmers have used these New Moons for planting their crops.  August’s New Moon will be in 6°Virgo 37’ on the 30th at 6:37am. The eight hours after a New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing. The Full Moon is on the 15th at 22°Aquarius24’ at 8:29am.This is the time to update your priorities to changes in circumstances. Be Patient.