October 2020 OUTLOOK

This month Mars continue in retrograde motion in Aries and goes through an opposition to the Sun on October 13.  Mercury turns Retrograde on that same day so expect that day – Oct 13 – to have it’s share of frustrations.  Overall, the entire retrograde of Mars feels challenging as it tells us something about our development, about our new nature and about how we see the world differently and adjust to the new world!  Your ‘spiritual instinct’ may be speaking loudly to you, so pay attention!! Transiting Mars often points the focus of our desires and the life-areas in which those desires arise.  Some positions create more difficulty than others. But, this period asks us to deal and learn through projection. We are to learn to feel at home with what we want and learning to assert ourselves cleanly without creating undue conflict with others. The Sun-Mars opposition (Oct 13th), should teach us restraint and we need to get through this date without punching each other, verbally or otherwise. The Mars retrograde asks us to look within while the external world gives us the message that we should do this, the larger world may not reach well when we try to take time for ourselves.  Remember, that EVERYONE finds themselves in the same predicament – learning to just their desires to those of others. We may hesitate to express ourselves. Others will then do it for us.  Clashes may occur!
Solution?  Try to get in touch with yourself as much as you can.  We can all this the intentional part.  There is also an extensional part.  When Mars is retrograde, it can sometimes cause inner heat. And, if you don’t express yourself free-
ly, heat builds up within. This can result in various physical problems, so include some physical work in your routine.
There are two Full Moons this month!!  The First Full Moon is on Oct 1 at 4;04pm at 9° Libra 08’. This Full Moon will make you a bit of a show-off and make you open to new ideas.  The only New Moon is on Oct 16 at 2:29pm at 23°Libra 53’. Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus represents love, money and the good things in life. This New Moon can be helpful to your creativity, work and money goals. What is interesting about this month is there are two Full Moons! The second Full Moon is on Oct 31, 2020 at 9:48pm at 8° Scorpio 38’. This ‘Blue Moon’ will teach you to adjust and get more in touch with what you want. If you have fallen ‘out of touch’ with what you want, turn within, even if those around you tell you otherwise.

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