November 2018 OUTLOOK

Happy Birthday Scorpio and Sagittarius Natives!!
    November kicks off with an unusual scenario. Jupiter entering Sagittarius is only one of several impactful events involving slower planets in the first half of November. We also have Uranus retrograding into Aries, and an extraordinary Mirror Image Double Yodincorporating seven planets! All that, along with a Scorpio New Moon and several more powerful aspect patterns, gives us a lot of astrological juju to work with!
     This month begins with four planets going Retrograde: Venus thru 11/16, Neptune thru 11/24, Chiron thru 12/8 and Uranus thru 1/6/19!!  There are also three aspects involving only slower planets. What makes the situation even more extraordinary? All three aspects are part of a single aspect pattern!  Much of what these individual aspects mean is incorporated into that aspect pattern’s interpretation. A Jupiter-Chiron trine smoothly supports the amplification of healing and mentoring, as well as wisdom gained from a foreign culture.
      A Chiron-Pallas opposition gives mentoring in feminine assertiveness and the strategy is dynamically energized.
 A Jupiter-Pallas sextile adds to the energy of the Yod – known as ‘The Finger of God!  Healing in committed partnerships is powerfully supported for over a month by this Venus-Juno-Chiron Yod. This “Finger of God” aspect pattern started on 10/25 and has its first peak 11/3. It will peak again on 11/23 and end on 11/28. The unusually long duration and double peak are due to retrograde Venus stationing direct during the Yod.
     For most people, this Yod will be most useful in the context of romantic partnership. But healing within creative partnerships is also strongly supported. This Yod also gives energy to mentoring, especially in the arts.
This Yod is an integral part of the Mirror Image Double Yod that peaks on 11/6. But since this Venus-Juno-Chiron Yod  lasts two weeks longer than that more complex aspect pattern, it felt important to give it its own interpretation.
      Overall, this is the month for expanding your horizons and doing something new.  Though there are many tough aspects that could bring deception.  Actions can go astray. It will take much effort to make clear decisions.
     The New Moon on the 7th is at 15°11’ Scorpio at 11:02am.  This is a good time to look for a teacher or master who can uplift your awareness.  In general, this is very favorable for any teacher-student relationship.  November’s Full Moon is on the 23rd at 12:39am at 0°52’ Gemini.  It is square Mars and opposite Jupiter. Tone down your expectations.  This combination can led to too much energy expended in an inefficient way.