November 2019 OUTLOOK

For those of you born in November your obligations, health and relationships are in the spotlight!! Saturn gives your words authority, so use them wisely!! This last statement can really be true for all of us this month of November as we are all being prepared for sudden enlightenments!  Sound exciting??!!??!!!  Well, it is!!  We should all be paying attention to little things, and a positive attitude, in spite of challenges, will reduce the tension and ultimately bring a positive outcome to any endeavor you attempt!  And, no matter what, Do Not Neglect your Spiritual Life!!  Put your enlightened, excellent intellect and intuition to work where it can do the most good.  Choose activities and interest the can increase your self-esteem. 🙂
People will be admiring your personality and good looks which can be helpful in business and other areas of your life.  If a relationship or friendship ends, it has served its purpose. Move on and don’t dwell on the past. You will discover that you have tremendous physical allure. This month you learn more about the world as you meet new people and explore new issues. (Thank you, Uranus in Taurus!!) This is the beginning of a new year coming to you in 2020 that will be mainly centered on intellectual growth by exploring new places, interests and beliefs! Google:  Saturn conjunct Pluto!!  Exact January 2020!! We are beginning to feel this energy now as these two planets come closer together – This is a Big, major time of expansiveness, awakening and clearing out – creating a void –  with Saturn closing doors, presenting obstacles to old ways of doing and living and teaching lessons while preparing to bring in new!! You MUST create a void so there is room to fill it up with new!!  And, new will come!!!!
Mars is the planet of energy and always, wherever Mars is in your chart, there is sure to be action. Mars begins the month in Libra and here is sure to be activity with regard to love and relationships  On November 19 Mars moves into its’ own sign of Scorpio where it will remain until January 3rd. Because Mars is especially power in its’ own sign, there is sure to be intense world events as well as personal relationships in the spotlight!
November’s New Moon occurs on the 26th at 10:06am at 4°Sagittarius03’ The first eight hours after this New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing. Though this New Moon makes hard aspects to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. This can lead to sudden and dramatic changes and separations. It appears to be more a time to respond to changes than to begin new ventures. The Full Moon shines in Taurus on November 12th at 19°32’ at 8:34am and fuels your new goals into action!! This Full Moon raises issues of security.  This is a time to check home security. Review insurance policies and insurance plans.