January 2019 OUTLOOK

Happy Birthday Capricorn and Aquarius Natives!!
      As the new year begins we may have time to do a little reflecting, but for the most part, 2018 was for that-and for preparing for what is to come! 2019 – beginning the early part of January – will offer the forward-moving energies you have been waiting for!! So! Strap yourself in!!  The Capricorn Solar Eclipse on the 5th provides support for taking charge of your life and is good for career-related concerns! The path will also be clear in significant relationships.  Uranus stations direct in Aries on the 6th, so you will then be ready to move any of your ideas from the brain- storming phase to the initial development phase. You are on the move!!  While Uranus was retrograde-Aug. 7,’18 to Jan. 6 ’19 energy was directing you to turn your power inward. You may have had some inspiring new ideas during this time, but it was difficult to implement those ideas. After the 6th, it will be easier to unify people and communicate your ideas to the world. While Uranus is direct-and after it moves into Taurus in March- you are encouraged to share and develop your ideas with others. It will be less important to do things YOUR way and more essential that you share your ideas with others. You could achieve more success by finding those who have skills and resources you lack!
     All the other planets in our wonderful sky are making impressive angles to each other:  Jupiter and Neptune are squaring each other (90° apart); Saturn and Neptune are forming a sextile (60°apart); Mars charges ahead in Aries (where it is very comfortable as Mars rules Aries); Mercury is in Capricorn, joining Saturn and Pluto already there and helps you express your inner authority; and, Venus is in Sagittarius giving you a thirst for adventure!  Whew!  What a month!!  WAIT!  there’s more:
     January’s New Moon will be on January 5th and is a Solar Eclipse!! The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs at 15° Capricorn 25’ on the 5th exactly at 6:25pm!!  This months’ Full Moon is a SUPERMOON and a Lunar Eclipse and is on the 21st at 0° Leo 50’ at 12:15am. As with all New and Full Moons – these are times of endings and new beginnings.  This month’s New Moon/Full Moon/Super Moon/Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse are telling us that we have no time to waste.  Be prepared to hit the ground running! Get ready for a wild and wonderful time!!  🙂