Astrology has been practiced by man for thousands of years; it is one of the world’s oldest religions.

“What is your Sun sign?” is one of the most commonly asked questions between two people who are trying to get to know each other. Astrology fascinates people. For over 9.000 years man has looked to the heavens for insight into his troubles and for meaning in his life.

The earliest horoscope (2767 B.C.) was cast by an Egyptian named Imhotep, the architect of the Great Steppe Pyramid at Saqqarah. Astrology was practiced by the Greeks, Babylonians, Indians, Chaldeans and Chinese. Many early astronomers including Ptolemy, Kepler, Copernicus and Nostradamus also practiced Astrology, as much of Astrology as we know it today is a result of these and other famous astronomers and the research they did.

As civilizations evolved and the body of knowledge grew, the earliest Astrologers meticulous calendars and more complete records of celestial movements. The most convenient way to study the stars was by connecting their groupings into recognizable patterns we now call constellations. The sky was thus divided into twelve segments each one represented by its own constellation.
It was also noted that the visible planets often appeared to wander through the sky against this backdrop of constellations. These planets eventually acquired personalities and mythologies of their own, and Astrologers soon began to affix significance to the position of these planets against certain constellations in the sky. The night sky was a grand soap-opera, where gods and goddesses played out their dramas and the consequences were manifested on earth through droughts, floods and a host of natural occurrences.
There is not much in the heavens that is not cyclical – happening over and over. Astrology is the study and charting of these planetary cycles and cosmic events as they are reflected here on our earthly plane.
Early Philosophers and Astronomers discovered that all major cosmic events are interactive; that is, cosmic events millions of miles away from planet Earth represent an activity that takes place within ourself, our consciousness and in out outward daily life!! It is this repeating pattern that enables us to recognize heavenly events.
Astrology deals with ten planets. Eight of these are the sister planets of the Earth: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The other two are the Sun and the Moon, neither of which is a planet. (A planet circles the Sun.) However, as seen from the earth, the Sun and Moon follow the same path as the planets. Astrologers, interested in the relationships between the positions of ALL ten objects, simply call them the Ten Planets.

The movements and the cycles of planets as they rotate in their designated, patterned orbits act as a huge cosmic clock that ticks off the time and events, past, present and future. The path followed by the ten planets is called the ecliptic. The patterns that are revealed in the rhythmic motions of the planets seem to shed light on the shelter skelter of our everyday lives.

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