July 2021 OUTLOOK

The first half of this month marks the end of the destruction caused by the on-going Saturn-Uranus square as it fades a little with a retrograde Saturn widening the distance between the two planets. This by any means is not the end of the effect these to will have, as the aspect distance begins once more toward the end of October until the exact for the last time on Dec 24th.  The thing to keep in mind as we watch this energy slowly fade this month is we can watch things quiet down so we can prepare for the second and then the third round to appear into 2022.  For now though you can rest and prepare.  Stock up and know there is a shift taking place all around you. While thinking ahead,  we should all take time to enjoy the months of July/August as no matter what happens, we all deserve a break for now.
The time has come for you to enjoy your life and express your inner child. Mars is in Leo until the 29th and is associated with happy times such as vacations, weddings, graduations and reunions. Venus is in Leo until the 21at helping to sweeten your experiences. You can expect exciting things to occur in the area of your Chart highlighted by Mars in your birth chart.  When it’s in Leo-as it is now-you feel the urge to take the initiative, to move forward, and to get things done. So, find Leo in your chart and you know how to use this energy.
Let us take some time to talk about the Saturn square (90 angle) to Uranus. On July 22 the Sun enters Leo and forms a T-square to the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square.  Always remember, factors in your natal chart play an important role in your life events. So, look for change, change, transformation, lessons (Saturn) and more change in thought, attitude, and in just about every aspect of your life.
July’s Full Moon occurs on the 23rd at 9;35pm and is Aquarius. The first eight hours after this Full Moon is exact are the most powerful times for wishing. This is an excellent time for quiet, private activities.  This is a time when people seeking power will come out into the open. Quietly observe! July’s New Moon occurs on July 9, 2021 at 8:15pm in Cancer!!  The New Moon, as always, brings new opportunities for growth.  This will put you more in touch with your intuitive and psychic abilities.  Enjoy!!!!!  



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