April 2022 OUTLOOK

April may not be the cruelest month, but it is intense.  There will be three different lunations in three different signs.  The month begins with the New Moon in Aries on the 1st.  Then the Full Moon on the 16th  and the month ends with another New Moon AND aLunar Eclipse on the 30th.   Whew!  The house in your chart where Aries and Taurus reside mark areas in your life where new beginnings occur, while Libra’s location pinpoints areas in which you feel fulfilled and validated.   ALL Taurus and ALL Taurus rising folks will feel this energy the most and they will experience change.  So, remember to let go!!  New is coming!!  Whether you like it or not!!!!  Change can be in the form of a new haircut, a new dress, a new job or even a new residence!
Venus and Mars, which rule the signs the New and Full Moon occupy, begin the month in a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius.  Slower moving Saturn stays in Aquarius for another year, the other two faster moving planets, Venus and Mars move along and meet up with Neptune which has been in Pisces.  All of this means your focus moves from self-involvement and personal relationships to concern for other people, your community and making the world a better place!  You may find yourself saying  – or thinking  more than once – “this is about YOU, not me!!  Let’s talk about you!!”  Maybe you’ll learn something new!!!!
Mercury begins the month in Aries and moves into Taurus on the 10th where it joins Uranus to forge an atmosphere of innovative ideas and communication.  You are willing to listen more and folks will find you interesting as well!!  As Jupiter and Neptune conjoin also in April for a brief time from the 5th until the 12th we see a mixed bag of blessings and challenges coming at us. These two planets on their own bring out the best and the worst in us.  Jupiter is all about optimism, idealism and philos- ophy.  Also, the planet of excess, tempting us to make promises we can’t keep and to spend more than we can afford. While  Neptune rules our imagination and encourages us to help other people in need, and to develop our spiritual side.  Neptune gives us hope that our future will better than the present and thus can help us to keep going when the future looks bleak.  This hope can encourage us to embrace illusion, delusion and wishful thinking, encouraging us to live in a fantasy world and avoid dealing with reality.  Together these two planets, Jupiter and Neptune can improve our personal outlook if we make use of it in the right way.
April’s Full Moon occurs on the 16th at 2:55pm at 14 Libra 39’. And this proves to be a very intense month because it starts with a New Moon in Aries on the 1st and followed by the Full Moon on the 16th and ends with  New Moon in Taurus on the 30th. This New Moon is a Lunar Eclipse!!!!! Eclipses are always powerful ‘course correctors’, and you will need time to assess all this.  This is an excellent time for quiet and private activities.




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