October 2021 OUTLOOK

As the month begin, six planets are turning retrograde. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all going in retrograde motion, but as the month progresses, four of them will turn direct, in the following order: Pluto goes direct in Capricorn; Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Aquariusand Mercury in Libra!!  Planets in the Air Signs-Libra and Aquarius-dominate and indicate that clear thinking, communication and the use of advanced technology are especially important this month.  

Chiron, the assertive, wounded healer is being talked about more and more these days. Chiron the planetoid has a much different orbit from both the asteroids and the planets, as it moves between Saturnand Uranus.  Because of this the time it spends in any single sign varies widely from about 2 years to 8 years.  On April 17, 2018 it entered Aries, backtracked to Pisces and now continues in Aries until June 19, 2026.  Chiron will then be in Taurus until Sept 17, 2026 and retrogrades back into Aries for a quick ‘remember me’ visit until April 1, 2027.  Discovered December 1, 1977 it is often known as the ‘wounded healer’, a term coined by Carl Jung, the famed Swiss psychiatrist.  Chiron’s story is one we all need to know as it paint a very uplifting story of someone who suffered from fear and rejection yet went on to become a healer in his own right.  Chiron was a centaur, half-human/half-horse.  Fathered by the Titan Cronus with the nymph Philyra.  his mother was appalled at his deformity and immediately rejected him.  So he was taken in and raised by the Greek God Apollo, who instructed him in the healing arts.  Chiron was a gifted student and became a gifted physician, a helper to mankind able to empathize with other due to his own emotional pain.  At one point in his life, Chiron, an immortal by birth, was accidentally wounded in the thigh by a pointed arrow owned by Hercules, and as the wound never healed it added constant and inescapable pain to his existence.  To escape it, he gave his life to another.  There is so much more to this mythological life of Chiron – but we will leave it here for now. 

In October 2021, Chiron will be in Aries from the 1st to the 18th.  As it is retrograde all month, it is in aspect to several other planets.  It is strengthened by its’ placement in Aries but faces challenges by its position to Mars, the Sun and Mercury. During all of this becomes the ‘assertive healer’, as it begins the nine see – he sensitive, vulnerable part of ourselves. 

As it is important to have favorable Astrological vibrations surrounding you whenever you embark on a new chapter of your life, 

October is the perfect time to confront any inner demons you may have and, with Chiron’s help, tame them.  On October 19th the Moon and Chiron form a conjunction. This will give you the time to delve deeply into your inner self.  Over the next several months, you will find yourself trying new ideas, finding a new talent or may decide you could be an artist. All in all, you are discovering a new part of you!!!!!   Enjoy the process, as you are learning more and more about yourself!!



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