April 30, 2022                        10° Taurus 28‘                            4:28 pm

Solar Eclipses are high-energy New Moons and they signal a time of dramatic culmination and fulfillment. Every month the Moon travels in her orbit completely around the Earth. The Moon swings through the Earth’s shadow approximately every six months. This is a Solar Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse puts us all in the dark for a while – so we can think.  When the light shines again we begin to see new!!                    
Life tends to speed up near eclipses and awareness increases. One quality that distinguishes eclipse influence from that of general planetary activity is the sharp way in which it begins and the equally abrupt manner in which the period of intensification ends.  Where an eclipse falls in your chart will determine the part of your life affected. Since this Eclipse is in Taurus find out where Taurus is in your chart and you will know where to expect change and transformation.  And, remember – ALL change and transformation is good!
This Solar Eclipse occurs on Saturday April 30, 2022  This partial solar Eclipse will occur when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun thereby partially obscuring the Image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. The Moon passes in front of the constellation of 
Taurus at 4°04’.  At exactly at 0:640am this alignment will occur.  
Earthlings tend to be more emotionally expressive during a New Moon! 

A New Moon Solar Eclipseemphasizes this emotional reaction  When you embrace the energy of an eclipse and allow it to mold and shape your life (which an Eclipse will do!!), the effects are usually very positive!!  (I got married soon an eclipse!)  When you resist an Eclipse and the changes it brings, havoc over your life can occur.  Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connectedness are aroused as the environment becomes a little unstable. This unstable environment occurs because there is a change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us mentally and neurologically.  There will be some stress as blockages begin to crumble and are followed by a feeling of freedom. The good news is that creative and artistic qualities will be discovered a you let go of beliefs that don’t correspond with your current reality!!  Outdated ideals or dreams may need to be discardedwhich can be painful but necessary!! You experience an awakening to today’s truths as the clutter is cleared away and the present is seen in a new light! You redefine your personalty and your image,  A new hairdo and new clothes may result!!  Once you get past this Eclipse, new vistas of life open up as projects involving personal transformation unfold.

Read on to see how this eclipse will affect you personally!!

ARIES: You need to make $$ changes and course corrections. There will be a lot of cosmic help in any effort you put forth. You are more than your bank balance. Health is good and anything you do to improve it will show long-term effects. Head and neck massage will help.

TAURUS: A very eventful month is ahead for you as this Eclipse is very strong on you!!  Much change is happening.  You will experience a pause and a change of direction in almost every area of your life. Since the moon is the Eclipse planet and rules your 3rd house of communication there may be disruptions in school and changes of direction as you are forced to redefine yourself and your goals.

GEMINI: Look for dramas in the lives of friends and your friendships are being tested. Siblings and friends are going through spiritual changes and they want to take you with them. Pay attention to your dreams as your dream life is very active and opens doors to new ideas.

CANCER: Your financial intuition becomes very active. Everything around you is very dramatic with lots of action and lots of change. People make demands you are not sure you can fulfill and it is okay to say No!  It is time to think for yourself and what you want. Be Kool!

LEO: Career shake-ups come with this Eclipse! You begin a yearly carer peak as you seem very successful!! Every Solar Eclipse has a strong effect on you as the Sun-your ruling planet-is Eclipsed. There will be wardrobe, hairstyle changes and over all changes in your look!!

VIRGO: This Eclipse affects you mildly and will be kind to you, however it won’t hurt to take it easy. This hits in your 9th house so it affects your beliefs and ways you see the world. Look for spiritual transformations over the next six months as you grow and learn new ideas.

LIBRA: Health needs watching and you are in a yearly love and social peak, so love is going well!! Your spouse of partner has financial changes going on that affect you. Friendships are tested and there are dramas in the lives of friends. Computers behave erratically.

SCORPIO: A relationship can break down this month because Eclipse is in your 7th House. Your love life is still active and exciting. Singles date more and find there are all kinds of opportunities around. Stability is wanting. Instability is the price you pay for excitement.

SAGITTARIUS: Important changes come into your health regime in the coming months.  Sometimes there is a health scare but be sure to get a second opinion. If you are in school, you could change schools. Earnings are good but you have to work harder to get them.

CAPRICORN: This Eclipse affects you mildly but hits your 5th house of children so they should stay out of harms’ way. Financial shake-ups going on with parents. Happy career opportunity comes to you. It is time to enjoy your life so focus is on home and emotional wellness.

AQUARIUS: With the Sun a your LOVE planet, every Solar Eclipse tests your love life.  Repressed grievances come to light! These need to be dealt with. There is a dramatic personal event in the life of your beloved. He/She could have important career challenges. Help them.

PISCES: Drive more carefully at this time. Cars snd communication equipment are more sensitive and need repair or replacement.  Siblings need attention and often feel alone. They need help in redefining themselves and YOU are the one to help.  They welcome YOU!!