Your animals can be your best friends in life. Just like us, they also have their unique personalities. We may not always know their exact time of birth but we can still look at the chart for the day of birth and determine an incredible amount of information. If the exact time is unavailable a Sun sign chart will be used as the basis for the chart.
We can benefit by knowing where our pets’ full potential might be met. And like our human friends there may also be difficult areas of their personalities, which we must learn to accept or correct. Not all dogs are suited for agility or obedience. Some will do better at guarding their masters; others might behave well in conformation. By understanding the potential of our dogs we seek ways to improve what already exists and accept things that are sometimes unchangeable or a challenge.
There are four basic elements that make up a chart: they are earth, water, air and fire. If your dog has four or more planets in one of these elements he is considered to have more than average. Find out more about your dog and how best to deal with him or her by calling me for a consultation.



Aries cats and dogs are always bursting with energy. ME FIRST! Their natural vitality drives them to be the “lead dog” and to stay the “lead dog”. They need space and lots of it and a variety of people in their life.


Taurus pets are not ones to be ignored. At first they seem quiet and passive. They are cautious about meeting new people, but when they like you, they are a friend for life. They love to be outdoors, but prefer sleeping to playing. They love to eat and may develop a weight problem.


Gemini pets are curious, friendly and loaded with energy. These dogs may bark a lot. Get a playmate for these animals as they hate to be alone. They are fast learners and can be trained well. Remember to always keep the door shut, or they will be off in a flash. They just love the company of everyone.


These little creatures are very sensitive and hate to be upset. They do not like loud noise or yelling. They are easily irritated by others and are cautious about meeting new people. They do not like sharing their home with other animals, yet, do not like to be left alone, and can be a bit destructive if left alone too long.


These little creatures feel as if they are the King or Queen of the castle. They strut around with Royal Grace. They love a good adventure and will roam as far as you will let them. They are born leaders and may soon have a pack of friends following them. Leo animals love children and make purr-fect pets!


Virgo pets are wonderful companions and make great “seeing eye dogs.” A sixth sense lets them know when you are unhappy or sick and they are always there to comfort you. They are shy animals preferring their own company. They are reserved and won’t show their affections easily.


Libra pets are easygoing and like lots of attention. Put on music when you leave home and they will remain mild mannered. They can be stubborn at times, and may disappear or sulk. Be sure to give them plenty of exercise.


These pets are extremely loyal. Kindness shown to these animals at an early age will come back to you for the rest of their pet life. Scorpio pets are intimidating to other animals. Rarely will they back down from a confrontation.


These little creatures love the outdoors, so be sure to give them plenty of room to roam. If you keep them inside for long periods of time, you may tend to break their spirit. They are intelligent animals but lack common sense!


These pets say young forever and tend to act like little puppies or kittens well into old age. They have endless endurance and will play happily hours on end. They make the best playmates for children. Be patient when training these pets as they tend to be slow learners. They always determined to please.


These little guys are the comedians of the Zodiac. They are gentle and loving with children and will bark or meow just to hear the sound of their own voices. They are extremely intelligent and unbelievable scatterbrained. You need lots of patience when you train them. Aquarius pets are curious and inquisitive.


Pisces pets are gentle, peace-loving pets that hate shouting and fighting. They are sensitive to your moods and will plant themselves securely at your side if you are sick and upset. They are quite intuitive and can sense when you are angry or upset. You may begin to feel as if you have a “psychic link” with these animals because they can easily pick up on your thoughts.