It has been scientifically proven that stars produce a gas. Groups of stars in a particular configuration (constellation) produce a specific gas and when a planet passes in front of one of these constellations it is fueled into action. Planets represent particular psychological drives, urges and motivations.

The drive of a planet is expressed through the “sign” in which the planet is moving.
For example, Mars asserts, Venus harmonizes, Jupiter expands, Saturn restricts, etc. If Mars is in the constellation of Taurus it will assert itself in a slow and steady manner. It’s placement by house determines the exact area of life in which this slow steady action can be most obviously observed. Very simply put, the planets show what is happening, the signs show how it is happening, and the houses show where it is happening!!


The constellations serve as the lens that energizes and personalizes the planet


Aries is the first of the twelve constellations. Being first makes Aries in charge of beginnings, self-interest, the head and face, your physical body, your personality, your attitude and your outlook on life. People born while the Sun is seen as being in the constellation of Aries are action-oriented and competitive.


Taurus is the second of the twelve constellations and is in charge of your money, how you receive and give, your possessions, all persons who deal with money, and your neck and throat. Those born while the Sun is in Taurus focus their energies on acquiring material possessions and money. They like the good things in life.


Gemini is the third of the twelve constellations and has to do with your communications and conscious mind, transportation, the arms, hands, lungs and nervous system. Gemini Sun Sign people are probably the most intelligent people of the zodiac having quick minds and a curiosity about virtually everything.


Cancer is the fourth of the twelve constellations and is the most sensitive sign. Home, the mother, family life, your base of operations, digestive system, stomach, all come under Cancer’s rule Those born under Cancer’s rule are easily hurt and are very complex people. They are directed through kindness, not force.


Leo is the fifth of the twelve constellations and the most courageous. Children, love affairs, gambling, entertainment, sports, games and fun, and the heart all come under Leo’s rule. Those born under Leo’s reign are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. They are romantic, idealistic, ambitious, generous and . . . tempermental.


Virgo is the sixth of the twelve constellations and represents knowledge and efficiency. Work, health, service, diet, small animals, the intestines all fall under Virgo’s rule. Those born with the Sun in Virgo are methodical, neat, reliable, practical and industrious. If you want to be sure the job gets done, ask a Virgo to do it.


Libra is the seventh of the twelve constellations and overseas our partnerships. Balance is achieved through Libran energy. Marriage, divorce, open enemies, the public, kidneys, bladder and the groin all come under Libra’s rule. Libra Sun Sign people are rarely loners. They work hard; they want and need companionship


Scorpio is the eighth of the twelve constellations and is an extremely strong energy. Strong willpower and an intense emotional drive is signified by Scorpio. Other people’s money, sex organs, and surgery all come under Scorpio’s rule. Scorpio Sun Sign natives are secretive, determined and hard-driven individuals.


Sagittarius is the ninth of the twelve constellations and is freedom-loving and expansive. Publishing, long journeys, the law, philosophy, higher education, hips, thighs all come under Sagittarians rule. Sagittarians call the shots as they see them and often considered to be blunt. They must learn wisdom and balance.


Capricorn is the tenth of the twelve constellations and represents ambition and responsibility. Your true profession, honors, your reputation, politics, joints, knees, teeth all fall under Capricorn’s rule. A Capricorn person is frugal, dedicated to achieving goals, likes being in charge, and works well past retirement.


Aquarius is the eleventh of the twelve constellations and represents brotherhood and friend- ship. Friends, social contacts, hopes, wishes, ankles and calves, organizations all come under Aquarian’s rule. An Aquarian has great desire for material gain, but they are not greedy. They take their work seriously and are loyal.


Pisces is the twelfth of the twelve constellations and oversees secrets, institutions, the feet and toes, the subconscious. Karma also comes under Pisces rule. A Pisces Sun sign person is very sensitive and responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They are very tuned in with the dream world. They are very artistic.