How to Recognize: Keep your eyes open for someone sporting copious amounts of red — usually in the form of an ultra-tight tee shirt and shorts. The Ram is usually the one doing a fair imitation of the Six Million Dollar Man on the treadmill. Alternately, Aries will be burning up the mat in an aerobics class.
How to Seduce: Wait until Aries is done with their workout — this sign refuses to break its stride — and then ask for tips on getting in shape. Rams love to take the leadership role, both in the gym and bedroom. By giving this natural athlete plenty of admiration, they’ll reward you with a date.


How to Recognize: The Bull is renowned for its well-muscled body. Therefore, you can usually find this sign lifting weights or climbing a rock wall. Taurus is utterly tasteful and likes to be well-covered at the gym — you’ll rarely find this sign sporting mini-shorts and a bare midriff. The ultimate sensualist, this sign usually carries their own fluffy towel.
How to Seduce: Offer to spot them while they’re pumping iron. Bulls tend to work up a big appetite while exercising, so an invitation to lunch or dinner is always welcome. This sign loves to laugh, so you can also try a self-deprecating joke like, “Usually, the only exercise I ever get is running after the Good Humor truck,” or “I’m into heavy lifting, too. Every day, I carry my lunch to work.”


How to Recognize: Restless Gemini can never stay in one spot for long; they’re the ones who do five minutes on the elliptical, followed by eight minutes on the stationary bike, and then ten minutes on the rowing machine. This sign is also very chatty and may spend their entire workout calling various friends on their cell.
How to Seduce: People who are born under the sign of the Twins are usually big readers. If you’re looking to start a conversation, express interest in the magazine article they are reading. Gemini also loves to offer opinions on everything under the Sun. If you spot this sign listening to music, tap them on the shoulder and say, “Can I ask what music you’re listening to? You seem to be getting great results.”


How to Recognize: The Crab is extremely self-conscious, particularly at the gym. This sign can usually be found at the back row of your exercise class. Cancer is also a water enthusiast, and often enjoys doing laps in the pool. Keep your eyes open for a shy, retiring type who erupts into goofy laughter whenever a machine malfunctions or a mishap occurs.
How to Seduce: Cancer is the ultimate nurturer. Asking this sign to take you under their wing will arouse their immediate interest. Try an opening line like, “Excuse me, I’m new to this gym. Can you recommend any good exercise classes?” or, “I’m such a klutz … can you tell me if I’m using this machine correctly?” The Crab will immediately take pity on you and take you into their confidence.


How to Recognize: Look for the person burning rubber on the treadmill, yet who still manages to exude a sexy glow. The Lion’s distinctive mane is also a dead-giveaway, even if it is tied in a ponytail or restrained with a headband. Leos favor aerobic exercise — you won’t find many hanging about the weight room. This sign isn’t a bit self-conscious, and often sings along with their iPod.
How to Seduce: Leo loves to be admired. Compliment this sign on their racquetball swing, swim stroke or running shorts. Mention that you’ve been eager to meet them, but you were afraid to approach the most attractive member of the gym. Treat this love object like royalty, opening doors for them and walking two steps behind. The Lion will soon melt beneath your solicitude.


How to Recognize: The Virgin always looks neat and well-scrubbed, even when they’re working up a sweat. This sign favors workout clothes made of natural fibers — you won’t ever catch them wearing polyester or spandex. You can usually find Virgo in a yoga, tai chi or Pilates class — these folks enjoy exercise comprising precise movements. These folks are also natural teachers, and may even be your gym’s favorite instructor.
How to Seduce: There’s nothing Virgo hates more than a crass pickup line. Approach this sign reverently and respectfully. Ask them to recommend a good exercise class. Inquire if they know of any good juice bars in the area. If the Virgin is wearing a tee shirt advertising their favorite humanitarian cause, pepper him or her with questions about it. Virgo is among the most socially conscious members of the zodiac.


How to Recognize: Libra is known for grace, coordination and style. Look for the athlete who runs like a gazelle or swims like a swan. People born under the sign of the Scales are also highly fashion conscious. You’ll never catch them working out in a ratty old tee shirt and cut off jeans. Designer exercise gear is their clothing of choice, but only for the gym. After their workout, they invariably change into a smart outfit.
How to Seduce: It’s important to perfect your seduction technique before approaching Libra. This sign hates fumblers. The next time you spot Libra, get on the exercise machine next to theirs with a copy of a respectable pop culture magazine. Peruse the entertainment section, then turn to ask Libra whether they’ve attended the featured movie, concert or play. Cultured Libra loves to discuss the arts.


How to Recognize: The last place Scorpio likes to be is the gym — this reclusive character would much rather be reading a thriller or watching a horror movie. Still, these folks do understand the benefits of exercise, and are often found engaging in high-octane classes like kick-boxing, karate or spinning. Keep your eye open for the person sporting all black who looks as though they’re working off a prison sentence.
How to Seduce: Scorpions love to commiserate. A good conversation starter might be, “Wow, this class is grueling!” or, “You’ll have to excuse me if I start gasping for breath. I’m known to black out while changing my socks.” Scorpio will be happy to meet someone who hates working out as much as they do. Whatever happens, never tell this sign to smile while he or she is working out. Their stony stare will prompt you to change gyms.


How to Recognize: Naturally athletic Sag loves the gym and treats it as a social hub. Keep your eyes peeled for the guy or girl looking for a game of pickup basketball. He or she will probably be chewing gum and sporting a smile as big as all outdoors. Sagittarius doesn’t care much about fashion, but does have an affinity for sports jerseys, especially ones bearing the name of their favorite athlete.
How to Seduce: The Archer doesn’t like high-pressure tactics. This sign wants to make friends first and lovers second. Invite the fun-loving Archer to a party. (Hint: Sag is a sucker for cookouts.) Alternately, you can challenge Sagittarius to a game of squash, proposing fun stakes like a hamburger with all the fixings. If you’re looking for a conversation starter, mention last night’s big game — these folks love professional sports, and are eager to discuss their favorite teams.


How to Recognize: The gym is a bit informal for dignified Capricorn. Look for the person who looks up guiltily every time the door is opened — the Goat is terrified of running into somebody they know while they’re sweating it out on the exercise bike. This sign also favors blindingly white tee shirts that looked as though they’ve been starched. When in doubt, check the feet — Cappy usually springs for top-of-the-line athletic shoes.
How to Seduce: Take the old-fashioned approach with Capricorn. Wait until they’ve finished working out, and open a conversation with, “I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward, but I couldn’t help noticing your shoes. Can I ask where you got them?” This will put the Goat in a position of authority, where he or she is most comfortable. As soon as possible, establish that you do have a steady job. This sign hates slackers.


How to Recognize: Trust Aquarius to try out the latest exercise equipment or attend the newest aerobics class. If it’s strange and unfamiliar, the Water-bearer wants to experience it. This sign often sports eye-catching sports gear, like fluorescent colors or shiny fabrics. When in doubt, check out the person’s iPod or cell phone. This sign is a tech-lover, and usually has the latest gadget.
How to Seduce: Ask Aquarius their opinion on the morning’s headlines. This sign loves to discuss current affairs. Express some unconventional opinions of your own. If there’s anything the Water-bearer can’t stand, it’s someone who blindly follows the crowd. If all else fails, just go up and introduce yourself. Aquarius loves meeting new people, and will admire your direct approach.


How to Recognize: Dreamy Pisces is a bit absent-minded. They betray themselves at the gym with trailing shoelaces, mismatched socks and backwards tee shirt. You probably won’t find this sign doing reps on the Nautilus or logging floors on the Stairmaster — these folks generally prefer to swim in the pool or stretch in the yoga studio. People born under the sign of the Fish often hum under their breath while exercising.
How to Seduce: Claim a sports injury and ask Pisces to recommend a good spa or masseuse. This sign will be happy to oblige, and probably probe you for more information on your health, too. Fish are always looking for someone to rescue, and that’s often the first step toward winning their heart. Loudly proclaiming a hatred of exercise will probably win a sympathetic smile, too