Knowing your natal chart will paint a picture of your cosmic energies. Everything and anything vibrates color, and if you are in contact with enough of it, it will influence you. Those who lack fire tend to need reds and oranges, where as a lack of the water element calls for blues and pinks; a lack of earth need green, and lack of air needs yellow. With an overabundance of fire, blue tones should be used, while red balances an over-abundance of water. Violets and blue-violet corrects an overbalance of earth; blues and greens, an overabundance of air.


Red is the color of the red planet Mars. This is the color of love, fertility, and energy. It signals action and can keep you alert or provide extra courage when needed. Like Aries, seeing the color red gives strength of will and can act as a pick-me-up when depressed. Wearing red will actually raise your temperature and increase body heat, possibly because it is linked to raising blood pressure and circulation. It is good for those who are anemic, but not advisable for those with high blood pressure, as red acts as a stimulant and releases adrenaline into bloodstream. Red acts as a detoxifier for the psyche as well as the body and can help fight infection.


Pink, which is less active and aggressive than red, has an endearing quality. Psychologically, it is chosen by those seeking affection and has the ability to engender unconditional love, which appeals to the Taurean desire for domestic bliss. It protects and brings peace of mind, especially if grieving the loss of a loved one. Pink signifies Taurus’s comfort zone, as this ray gives soothing, comforting vibes.


The Mercurial color is yellow, which signifies agility of mind, intellect, and inspirational thought. Yellow is good to wear if you are feeling down or shy, as it brings feelings of optimism and buoyancy. It cleanses the emotional “baggage” and even eliminates waste from our body. Wearing shades of yellow can help control weight, as it aims to maintain a correct balance of liquids in the body. Yellow can also help in the treatment of skin complaints such as eczema.


White, silver, and even grey are Moon colors. The purity of white instills a sense of tranquility and peace. It should not be used to the exclusion of other colors, as white on its own can be passive, even deathly still, both physically and psychologically. Grey provides a bridge between black and white and opens doors to subtle moods Silver is more versatile tone, with its reflective, glitzy vibrancy; it suggests optimism in the present, but makes you aware of the relfections of the past. Silver has the cold charm of a moonlit night.


Leo colors shine from sunup to sundown, radiating rich orange-gold hues, which emit positive vibes of well-being, warmth, and optimism. Orange tones deal with conditions that are dormant, bringing them out into the open. Gold and rich oranges are the colors to surround yourself with if you are undergoing massive emotional disruption, such as divorce, as these colors will help to stabilize your emotions. Leo colors also help to increase appetite and improve intestinal disorders, owing to their stimulating quality.


Earthy colors, such as dark brown, green, and even strong navy blue are Virgo shades. Navy blue, astrong and cool color, instills self-confidence and helps steady nerves. Green aids balance in all things and is a typical healing hue. Blues and greens are excellent for calming frayed nerves, especially if there is anxiety or fear of a breakdown. Boost your nervous sytem with these tones.


Soft pastel shades, from blue to pale green, are ruled by Venus and are symbolic of femininity, but alsosubtly emante messages of regeneration, balance, and fertility. Soft blues heal, as they encourage relaxation and tranquility. Pale greens are neither warming nor cooling, but act as a tonic, balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Libran colors offer sanctuary from a stressful world. As Libra is of the air element, doing breathing exercises while visualizing Libra colors will enhance vitality and well-being.


Dark reds to maroon hues, reflecting the tones of autumnal berries, are the shades of Pluto-ruled Scorpio. These blood-red hues, although less vibrant than Arian crimson or scarlet, signify a warmth that holds strong undercurrents of heat. Scorpionic colors are sociable and active, with an undercurrent of mystery. Black is also owned by Scorpio. Scorpio colors give power, strength, and sociability, exuding sexual as well as dynamic change to those in its path.


Sagittarius colors, ranging from dark blues to purple emit cool confidence. These shades reflect the cooler spectrum of the color chart and are useful when there is a need to instill quiet confidence or even to sedate someone suffering from anxiety. Purple denotes creative energy and spiritual wisdom. Those who seek this color desire an experience of oneness with a higher power, yearn for an understanding of the true meaning of life’s journey, and are compelled by an urge to search for greater understanding of who we are within a smaller but increasingly chaotic world.


As you would expect from Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, its colors represent power that consolidates and sets boundaries. After all, why do most police forces wear black? Just as Capricorn is associated with limitations, so, too, do black, dark grey, and brown denote enclosing, even shutting off. This is nowhere more so than when bidding a funereal farewell. Choose carefully these hues, if you want protection and a sense of enclosing space. Black is also a symbol of infertility within many cultures, and it signals the finality of life. But it can also act as a release and an awareness of time and nature with its never-ending cycle of life and death.


Turquoise blue denotes a desire for peace and order, and it is the color of the present time — the Age of Aquarius. Wearing this color helps to quiet the mind and soul; it has a cooling, even cleansing, effect on the mind. Turquoise acts as a de-stressant and can even relieve insomnia. Many hospitals employ this tint for its healing influence, as it is said to speed up the healing process and ease symptoms such as asthma and breathlessness. This ray brings peace and calms the mind, as well as cools down the nervous system.


What can soft pea-green, indigo, and violet do for you? If you need to learn to love yourself and achieve greater self-worth, then look to watery Neptunian tones. Rich regal indigo indicates knowledge, self-respect, and spirituality. Violet is the color of the crown chakra, the energy center within the body that is closely linked to the “third eye,” which is said to be the center of creative visualization and psychic pereption. Violet is linked to healing knocks on the head and skin eruptions via the nervous system, and it can help to induce sleep.