June 10, 2021            9 Gemini 22’      10:43 am

An eclipse occurs when the orbits of the Moon and the Earth align closely enough together with the Sun and the Moon to block the light of the Sun from the Earth (a Solar Eclipse), or the Moon (a Lunar Eclipse).  Every month we have a New Moon, but only every six months do we have eclipses.  A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the light of the Sun from the EarthSolar Eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant and powerful endings and beginnings. Events that are triggered by an eclipse usually take six months to unfold, so you can expect this process of change to continue as you begin to feel like a flower opening its’ petals.  Special opportunities to break old patterns become apparent as you begin to make major changes in your life. Metamorphosis is another word associated with eclipses.

The Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021 will occur at 10:43am at 19° Gemini22’. All Gemini Sun Sign people will be most affected by this Solar Eclipse as will those with Gemini rising. If you are a Sagittarius or have Sagittarius rising you will feel this Eclipse more strongly than most because in our sky the constellation of Sagittarius s opposite the constellation of Gemini and is in direct alignment with this Eclipse. Overall, you will find yourself redoing your life from your toes to the top of your head and your appearance will be changed radically as you enhance your image to reflect the massive changes going on within you!! Remember, Eclipses are about endings . . and beginnings!! Ultimately the changes in how you see yourself will affect how you are perceived by others thereby affecting all of your personal AND business relationships!! Response to an Eclipse is both psychological and physical as each individual responds in a unique manner. This is all good as you review your life, let go of past aspirations, recommit to what works and plant fresh seeds for personal growth!!

Depending on the part of your chart (house) that is activated, we can determine exactly what part of your life will be most affected. If you are a Gemini almost every part of your life will be affected, but all of us will feel a shift of some sort coming on. If the Eclipse falls in your 1st/7th houses, you are working on yourself, on your marriage or your relationship. If it is the 2nd/8th houses, it is your earnings or joint finances that are affected. If it is the 3rd/ 9th houses, it could be a year of travel or educational pursuits. For more information on how this eclipse falls in your personal chart, give me a call. With any eclipse, what is hidden will come to light and your secret desires may not be secret anymore. You may break away from a relationship that no longer suits your needs, or you may be faced with changes beyond your control. The six months ahead will give you the time to sort through your feelings and explore other options. Remember: change is good! Change in thought, manner, speech, dress, lifestyle, career, health, family, expectations and goals are all part of the plan and the process of you creating a more fulfilled life. You may feel uncomfortable as you let go of what is familiar and you step way outside your boundaries to make room in your head and your heart for new ideas and ultimately a new lifestyle!

Read on to see how this eclipse will affect you personally!!

Aries: Communication and intellectual interests are high. Cars and communication equipment are temperamental. Often repairs/replacements are necessary. Drive more defensively now! Every solar eclipse affects your children so keep them out of harms way. Take life easy!

Taurus: Financial changes are forced upon you. Your plans, strategies and thinking haven’t been realistic-the events of this eclipse will show you why-and a course of correction is in order. Not a good period to be speculating. Children are also affected so slow things down.

Gemini: THIS ECLIPSE IS STRONG FOR YOU!! This Eclipse occurs in your sign so take it nice and easy during this period-for a few days before and a day or two afterwards. The Cosmos will signal when the eclipse is in effect, as this eclipse will force a redefinition of your personality and image. Generally, this is a good thing. We are growing and evolving beings and it is good to take stock.

Cancer: Changes occur in your spiritual practices as new revelations come to you. Old ways are no longer valid. In spite of this eclipse, the months ahead looks happy for you. You look good and you are prosperous. The new way of looking at life is good and others see it

Leo: Know that EVERY Solar Eclipse affects you strongly because you are ruled by The Sun! You are now in a period of personal independence. Make things happen. If others don’t go along, bless them, and go your own way. You have within yourself all you need. Use

Virgo: Take it easy and reduce your busy schedule. Your health is more stressed than usual so you should be reducing you schedule any- way. Career changes are happening. There are shakeups in your industry, and the rules of the game and your self-concept are changing!!

Libra: This Eclipse is relatively benign to you-but it won’t hurt to relax and take it easy. Every Solar Eclipse tests your friendships. Some- times the issue is the relationship itself, but sometimes it is due to dramas happening in your friends’ lives. They need you to be there.

Scorpio: Though everything seems happy with you, this Eclipse adds some spice to your life over the next six months. Look for career changes as your industry rules are changing. You know that life is short, and you must get down to the work you were born to do! Enjoy!!

Sagittarius: You have a strong month ahead so be sure to take it easy. This Eclipse occurs in your 7th house of love and will test a current relationship.. If it is basically good/sound, it will survive. It is the flawed ones that are in danger. Expect changes in company or industry.

Capricorn: Definitely a strong signal for job changes now. Dramas in your workplace; foreign travel should be avoided; and, you will be involved in dramas in the lives of siblings and/or neighbors. Children have emotional dramas going on – be more patient with them.

Aquarius: Children-yours and those around you-are having life-changing experiences. Your creativity is affected as there is change in the creative arts. You approach things in a new way. Every Eclipse tests relationship as hidden resentments surface-what is hidden comes to ligh

Pisces: This Eclipse affects you strongly. Two other planets-Mercury and Neptune-increase its’ power. There are dramas at home or with other family members. It wouldn’t be wise to pay much attention to these dramas. Repairs might be needed at home. Just rest!!!!