• Consider your astrological element – Should you be exercising in water (water sign) or do you need the wind in your face (air sign)? If you’re a fire sign you should literally heat yourself up – as in sweat – and if you’re an earth sign, you accomplish miracles by exercising outdoors.
  • Be aware of your body’s ‘weakest link’ (each sign has one) and work to protect it.
  • Choose exercises that are interesting and stimulating to your sign, so you’ll stick with them!


Drink a ton of water. As a fire sign, you burn through liquids – so you need more than the average person. Exercise vigorously and work up an awesome sweat. Take long hikes or climbs, go running or swim outside in nature. You need variety and interest, preferably outdoors.


You have a slow metabolism, so vigorous gardening is a natural for you. . . . But you might also want to try a dance class to indulge your brilliant sense of rhythm. Whatever you choose, you need regular classes and a simple exercise regimen. Your throat is your weak link – don’t put anything fried down it.


You fun on your nerves so relaxation is a necessity. Yoga will completely change your life. Gemini’s weak link is the lungs so make sure you practice deep breathing. Exercise had better be entertaining or it won’t hold your interest for long.


You need exercise that can be done at home. Invest in a few weights and exercise tapes. Because you are ruled by water, swimming is also excellent for you – particularly the breast stroke. (Cancer rules the breasts.) Tummy toners are also a must – to help offset your weakness for sweets.


Whatever shows off your glamorous body is great exercise for you. You have tons of energy and are a brilliant dancer. . . but remember to take your catnaps to enhance your natural beauty (lions sleep twenty hours a day!). Your weak link is your heart . . . and its disappointments. Both aerobic exercise and rest will help protect that Leo heart of yours.


Long walks every day are the perfect exercise for you. Stop your overactive mind at least twice a day with relaxation and meditation . . . and every few months, a long break is an absolute must for you. The best Virgo sport is swimming with specific, detail-oriented and structured exercise regimens.


Respect the ups and downs of your energy levels. In the mornings you need mild exercise . . . especially back stretches to strengthen your lower back. Evenings are best for dance and aerobics. Fatigue and tiredness come from too many carbs and not enough water. Drink more pure water!!


You crave grueling and challenging obstacle courses for your morning exercise . . . easily completing what most signs can’t even begin. This makes you the marathon champion. Just be careful not to use your fitness challenges to hide from your feelings – that could cause you health troubles. Go high fiber, low fat and lots of water.


The best sports for you are running, walking, horsebackriding, tennis and archery. You can literally become sick if you don’t exercise enough, and the same goes for deep breathing. Your sign rules exhaled breath and may cause you to breathe shallowly. So say ‘yes’ to yoga!!


Nothing strenuous, dear Goat, as your sign makes your knees the weakest link. Instead of running, try gentle walking, swimming or horsebackriding. You are a natural climber, and as long as you don’t overdo it – especially in the Sun – you will always reach the top!!


You do best with unusual outdoor exercise such as surfing, scuba diving, gliding or parachuting. Also, exercise that allows you to express yourself – like aerobic dance – is a must. Whenever you have to exercise in a gym, make sure you have music to motivate you. Aquarius rules circulation, so get yours moving.


As the most watery of the water signs you need to be careful of water retention and bloating. Ironically, spending as much time in water as you can – swimming, even bathing – prevents this. Drink water, not soda; don’t miss your sleep; be careful with your feet and do try Tai Chi!