July 5, 2020                        13°Capricorn 38‘                            4:30am

Lunar Eclipses are high-energy Full Moons and they signal a time of dramatic culmination and fulfillment. Every month the Moon travels in her orbit completely around the Earth. The Moon swings through the Earth’s shadow approximately every six months. This is a Lunar Eclipse.  A Lunar Eclipse occurs only when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned with the Earth in the middle, when the Moon is on the far side of the Earth from the Sun and when the light of the Sun is blocked to the Moon by the Earth. Unlike a Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse can be observed from nearly an entire hemisphere.  Unlike Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses are completely safe to watch. Protective filters are not necessary and neither is a telescope.  A Lunar Eclipse can be observed with nothing more than the naked eye.  A pair of binoculars will magnify the view making the red coloration bright and easier to see.
Life tends to speed up near eclipses and awareness increase. One quality that distinguishes eclipse influence from that of general planetary activity is the sharp way in which it begins and the equally abrupt manner in which the period of intensification ends.  Where an eclipse falls in your chart will determine the part of your life affected. Since this Eclipse is in Capricorn find out where Capricorn is in your chart and you will know where to expect change and transformation.  And, remember – ALL change and transformation is good!

This Lunar Eclipse occurs on Sunday July 5, 2020.  It is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse that will be visible from most of North America, South America, W Europe and Africa. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur as the Moon passes in front of the constellation of Capricorn at 13°38’.  At exactly at 4:30am the Earth will be situated opposite the Moon as it moves through the Constellation of Cancer at 13°38’ blocking the light of the Sun to the Moon as all three – the Sun, Moon and Earth fall in direct alignment.

Earthlings tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon!  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse emphasizes this emotional reaction. When you embrace the energy of an eclipse-allow it to mold and shape your life (which an Eclipse will do!!)- the effects are usually very positive!!  (I got married on an eclipse!). When you resist an Eclipse and the changes it brings, havoc over your life can occur.  Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connectedness are aroused as the environment becomes a little unstable. This unstable environ- ment occurs because there is a change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us mentally and neurologically.  There will be some stress as blockages begin to crumble. But they are followed by a feeling of freedom.  The good news is that creative and artistic qualities will be discovered as you let go of beliefs that don’t correspond with your current reality!!  Outdated ideals or dreams may need to be discarded which can be painful but necessary!!You experience an awakening to today’s truths as the clutter is cleared away and the present is seen in a new light! You redefine your personalty and your image. A new hairdo and new clothes may result!!  Once you get past this Eclipse, new vistas of life open up as projects involving personal transformation unfold.

Read on to see how this eclipse will affect you personally!!

ARIES:  Look for changes in your company which will create career changes for you. The government can change regulations the force changes in your industry. Home and family are impacted strongly. Don’t make any changes until after the 12th when the dust is settled.

TAURUS: Legal issues you are involved with take a dramatic turn one way or another – they will move forward. Financial disruption, more change spiritually and educational plans are topics up for discussion. Sleep and naps help focus on your outer life, and your energy shifts.

GEMINI:  Your partner is affected by this Eclipse as both of you need to make dramatic financial changes. You can have psychological encounters with death-sometimes through dreams, phone calls or having lots of conversations with friends about near-death experiences.

CANCER: A love relationship is getting tested. Usually repressed grievances – then dirty laundry-surface to be dealt with. Sometimes there are dramas in the life of the loved one that stresses both of you. A fundamentally sound connection survives.  Flawed ones are in danger.

LEO: Job changes are afoot.You have many employment opportunities and seem a hot item in the job market. Watch for changes in health regime such as changes in doctors, medications or diet. Often these changes are deeper ones-philosophical or changes in approach to life.

VIRGO: Children issues are more important now and children in your life are dealing with social issues and need someone stable in their life to guide them. Looks like YOU are the one. Finances are the issue and corrections are in order. Career is also an issue for you. Wake-up.

LIBRA: Look for changes in you home and career. Passions in the family run high-family members are more temperamental and on edge. Your dream life will be more active, but don’t give your dreams too much weight as the dream world is stirred up-weird dreams can happen.

SCORPIO: Students experience disruptions and disappointments at school. there are changes in educational plans. Cars and computers need repair or replacement. Drive more carefully. Unnecessary travel should be avoided. There are shake-ups at your place of worship.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a need to make important financial changes. This is the third Lunar Eclipse this year (usually there are two). But you need more research, information and thought before you make any alterations. Your spouse also needs to make financial changes.

CAPRICORN: THIS ECLIPSE IS VERY STRONG ON YOU!!Your social focus is good. This Eclipse rocks your love life. There can be a detox of your body and whole total life-including friends.You redefine yourself. Your self-concept and image. This is basically healthy. You are growing. There is no need for stressful activities. Things that must be done should be done, but anything else can be rescheduled.

AQUARIUS: Important spiritual changes are going on for you happening as a result of a breakthrough-causing changes naturally! There will be job changes-all good! Children have personal dramas, but nothing too serious. High-tech equipment and cars are temperamental.

PISCES: This eclipse is basically benign for you. Still, it won’t hurt to the it easy. Friends may experience drama and you can look for upheavals in organizations you’re involved with. High-tech equipment behaves erratically and children are confused and behaving badly.