January 5, 2019    16° Capricorn 25‘   1:42 am
Eclipses signal intense periods of growth! An eclipse occurs when the orbits of the Moon and the Earth align closely enough together with the Sun and the Moon to block the light of the Sun from the Earth (a Solar Eclipse), or the Moon (a Lunar Eclipse).  Every month we have a New Moon, but only every six months do we have eclipses.  A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the light of the Sun from the Earth.  Solar Eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant and powerful endings and beginnings.  Events that are triggered by an eclipse usually take six months to unfold, so you can expect this process of change to continue as you begin to feel like a flower opening its’ petals. Special opportunities to break old patterns become apparent as you begin to make major changes in your life. Metamorphosis is another word associated with Eclipses. The Solar Eclipse on January 5, 2019 will occur at 1:42am at 16° Capricorn 25’.  All Capricorn Sun Sign people will be most affected by this Solar Eclipse as will those with Capricorn rising. If you are a Cancer or have Cancerrising you will feel this Eclipse more strongly than most because in our sky the constellation of Cancer is opposite the constellation of Capricorn and is in direct alignment with this Eclipse. Overall, you will find yourself redoing your life from your toes to the top of your head and your appearance will be changed rad- ically as you enhance your image to reflect the massive changes going on within you!! Remember, Eclipses are about endings . . and begin- nings!!  Ultimately the changes in how you see yourself will affect how you are perceived by others thereby affecting all of your personal AND business relationships!!   Response to an Eclipse is both psychological and physical as each individual responds in a unique manner. This is all good as you review your life, let go of past aspirations, recommit to what works and plant fresh seeds for personal growth!!
Depending on the part of your chart (house) that is activated, we can determine exactly what part of your life will be most affected.  If you are a Capricorn almost every part of your life will be affected, but all of us will feel a shift of some sort coming on. If the Eclipse falls in your 1st/7th houses, you are working on yourself, on your marriage or your relationship.  If it is the 2nd/8th houses, it is your earnings or joint finances that are affected.  If it is the 3rd/9th houses, it could be a year of travel or educational pursuits.  For more information on how this eclipse falls in your personal chart, give me a call.  With any eclipse, what is hidden will come to light and your secret desires may not be secret anymore.  You may break away from a relationship that no longer suits your needs, or you may be faced with changes beyond your control.  The six months ahead will give you the time to sort through your feelings and explore other options. Remember:  change is good!  Change in thought, manner, speech, dress, lifestyle, career, health, family, expectations and goals are all part of the plan and the process of you creating a more fulfilled life.  You may feel uncomfortable as you let go of what is familiar and you step way outside your boundaries to make room in your head and your heart for new ideas and ultimately a new lifestyle!
Read on to see how this eclipse will affect you personally!!
Aries: Do you stick with tried-and-true results, or do you dig deeper into your core to find the raw material necessary to transmute long-standing emotional blockages into a brand-new outlook on life? The big push is to discover a new pathway to creating success in your life!!
Taurus: You are immediately put on notice that sticking to old thought patterns and rigid attitudes leads to a sense of isolation. It is truly time to abandon any inclination that one must always do the right thing for the right reason. This is not what will bring you satisfaction.
Gemini: A showdown between Saturn and Pluto over how to deal with long-buried secrets of your own psyche is triggered now. You are invited to see the past to find a deeper meaning to your current life. Take the opportunity, though not be pretty, as you wrestle with fear.
Cancer: This Eclipse is very strong for you because it’s in Capricorn-OPPOSITE CANCER!! You’re feeling emotionally like you’ve been hit over the head with a baseball bat-certainly not the beginning to 2019 you had in mind – signaling a deep need to take care of yourself!
Leo: There is an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and insecurity the is rocking the very foundation of your life. Take a deep breath, look beyond your initial reaction, and accept that you are being asked to strip away some unnecessary ego trappings that protect yourself.
Virgo: You are confronting limitations you have at a deep level the interfere with you loving yourself, appreciating yourself, and embracing yourself with total grace. Not an easy ting to do, as parts of you that are comfortable with old patterns are questioning if this is necessary!!
Libra: You are immediately challenged to confront your tendency to take the line of least resistance and do what’s expected of you.As you step outside of outmoded behavior patterns to find a new strength you, are finding a new version of yourself is more acceptable to others!
Scorpio: The past is resurfacing, and some things fall out of your mouth that surprise you. This is an opportunity for you to see how your subconscious hangs on to old perceptions and beliefs no matter how much time you put into transforming them. You still have work to do.         Sagittarius: You are caught unaware about whether your life holds meaning. As you look to your past, you find you’ve made a number of choices that tarnish your view of yourself and leaves you wondering how that happened. Before you answer that question, step back-reflect.
CapricornThis Eclipse shakes things up and makes life interesting for you!! Deep fears emerge about what your future holds
Your inclination is to scrap any change in an attempt to return to the known, the familiar. This is sticking your head in the sand and it won’t work. Time to remember your symbol for your sign-the Mountain Goat: surefooted, knows his strength and can overcome any obstacle.
Aquarius: You are confronted with a major bout of apprehension over whether you can ever move past some of the most difficult aspects of your life and reminded of how depressing life has been for one simple reason: you have been a little out of step with the rest of the world
Pisces: You are on a new path and all around you feels so new that you think it is going to disappear in a puff of smoke if you look away for even a second. The purpose of this eclipse is to set all your fear aside because it is toxic. The temptation is to hang on!  Don’t!! 🙂